Package Deals for Use on Wind-up Players

“Where can I get some records that are listenable, for my wind-up record player?” In response to numerous inquiries of this type, I can offer the following:
Dance music, jazz, pop and novelty tunes, records by celebrities (such as Rudy Vallee, Al Jolson, and Ted Lewis), and other listenable music of the 1920s and 1930s. If you are one of the many who have an old wind-up record player, with a random assortment of old 78 rpm records, perhaps those that came with the player, it’s likely that you haven’t found much enjoyable listening among the records you have. Many of the old 78s feature dull, lifeless tunes by strong-lunged singers, religious and sentimental ballads. Even the dance band records are usually far short of lively, often being waltzes. Maybe you would like to have some good, “roaring twenties” sounds. Perhaps I can help.

First, be advised that I’m not going to sell you any choice condition collectible records for you to grind up with those nails-called-needles that are used with your wind-up machine! What I can offer you is a good selection of music, on records that may be well worn, or defective in some way (according to the standards of the true collector), but are capable of producing satisfactory listening on the old wind-up. For example, a record might have a hair (tight) crack, but is still playable. Or, it might be quite worn, and would be assigned a low grade when visually graded, but still plays. Some records may be damaged or defective on one side only, with the flip side being satisfactory or even nice. The cost per record will be much lower than is usually paid by collectors for a choice copy.

Here’s the deal: Ten (10) assorted 78 RPM records, my choice, 1920 - 1930, including dance bands (for trots, instrumental and/or with vocal choruses), “pop” singers, celebrities. Most will be up-tempo; some will be out-and-out jazz. Tunes will be familiar and unfamiliar, possibly including “novelty” or cornball numbers. All will be good music (in my opinion), representative of the best of the 1920s. All will probably give satisfactory playback on wind-up record players, but I don’t guarantee this respecting any particular records, or sides thereof, supplied. Sold as is, non-returnable in whole or in part, for $35.00 postpaid.

For those favoring old hillbilly and western records, I can supply ten (10) 78 RPM records from approximately 1924 - 1935, including one by Jimmie Rodgers. The quality (or lack thereof) will be as above. Sold as is, non-returnable in whole or in part, for $35.00 postpaid.

A few deals consisting of blues and “race” records are available. Records will be by blues singers, and may include some religious/gospel. These will date from 1921 - 1930. The quality (or lack thereof) will be as above, or even a little worse. Sold as is, non-returnable in whole or in part, for $50.00 postpaid.

Prices are for orders within U. S. A. Outside U. S. A., prices will be much higher; please inquire before ordering.

Order via PayPal only to:

L. R. Docks
P. O. Box 780218
San Antonio, Texas 78278-0218