Mail Auctions


Note: I no longer hold mail auctions. Most of my selling is on eBay. Following are the types of records I might offer. I will consider requests, but make no promises.


78 RPM records:

v     Pre-1940 dance bands, jazz, celebrity, comedy, and “pop”

v     Pre-1960 blues

v     Pre-1960 country

v     Pre-1940 scarce and unusual labels, including Edisons

v     Post-war blues, jump blues, rhythm & blues

v     Vogue picture records

v     Sun label records

v     “Late 78s”: late 1950s rock ‘n’ roll, pop hits (the last 78s made)


45 RPM:

v     1950s – 1960s rock ‘n’ roll

v     1950s – 1960s rhythm & blues

v     1960s -- 1970s soul, northern soul

v     1950s – 1960s rockabilly

v     1950s – 1960s country


To find my offerings on eBay, do an advanced search by seller for my user ID, shellacshack.

Mailing address:

L. R. Docks

P. O. Box 780218

San Antonio, TX 78278-0218, U.S.A