“American Premium Record Guide”

by Les Docks


This sixth edition (2001, but it’s the latest and last) of my book (yes, I compiled it), having four sections, is actually four price guides in one:


1)     Dance Bands, Jazz, Swing, Personalities, and “Pop” 78 RPM, from approximately 1900-1950;

2)     Blues, Rhythm & Blues 78 RPM from approximately 1920 – 1955;

3)     Country/western, Hillbilly, String Bands, Old Time Singing 78 RPM from approximately 1920 – 1955;

4)     Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Blues, Rockabilly, and Country/western 45 RPM, EPs and LPs, with selected 78s, from  approximately 1950 – 1965.



Other features:

1800 black & white label photographs (200 added)

listing of scarce and unusual labels

information on grading

information on care and restoration of records

information on mailing records

sources of supplies and services of interest to record collectors

publications of interest to record collectors

glossary of terms and symbols used by collectors and dealers

a bibliography

Sixteen pages of color photographs (new)


The book has been expanded to 592 pages, but the complete artist index, which has been a useful feature of previous editions, has been omitted (without my approval or consent) to accommodate the added content.


If you’re looking up some really old, obscure and unfamiliar records, you might actually find them listed (if your “old” records are after 1965, seek guidance elsewhere). The book is out of print, but might be available online at lower cost, and I suggest that you first try to obtain it that way.  You may order from me (until my fewer than 30 copies are gone) for $32.50, including “Media Mail” postage within U.S.A.. For cost of Priority Mail or for sending outside U.S.A (for which various mailing options are available), please inquire before ordering. Payment must be via PayPal; pay to: docks@texas.net.


Earlier editions of the book may be available; please inquire.



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