Want lists

should provide as much of the following information as possible:

v     Name of artist/band

v     Song title (or, if not sure, memorable lyrics)

v     Record label

v     Record number

v     Date of release or period of popularity

v     Speed of record sought: 78 rpm, 45 rpm, or LP

v     Whether you seek the first pressing, or any issue of the original recording


I canít guarantee results, since Iím largely unorganized (a consequence of buying records faster than I can sort and find space for them), but I have been known to come up with some very obscure, long-sought discs. I will try to dig out wants and quote prices, grades, etc., with no obligation on your part. Most of my sales are on eBay, and my response may be to offer records asked for on eBay at fixed price or auction, and advise you that this is being done. It is best to send me all of your wants, because I frequently offer package deals on several or more records. Lengthy want lists should be sent to me by old-fashioned, ordinary mail to:

L. R. Docks

P. O. Box 780218

San Antonio, TX 78278-0218, U.S.A

(Please include your mailing address, and your e-mail address)