Sales Lists


I offer two types of records of possible interest to collectors


v     45 RPM rockin’ reissues of late 1950s rock ‘n’ roll and rockabilly, largely by Texas

artists (some are recreations from the 1970s, in or approaching that style). Some of these are repressings of Texas labels Sarg, Spade and TNT. All legal; no “bootlegs”.


Five (5) 45 rpm reissues of Texas R&B and Doo-Wop: Sarg 172,  The Sounds,  "Charlie Chan"/"Life"; Sarg 173, The Downbeats, "I Need Your Love"/"Run To Me, Baby"; Sarg 181, The Sounds, "My Pillow of Dreams"/"Tell Me, Baby" (solo vocalist) (pressed using original old label stock); Sarg 186, The Downbeats, "I Couldn't See"/"Oh, Please" (this side solo vocalist); Sarg 200, O. S. Grant and The Downbeats, "You Did Me Wrong"/"Tanya" (instrumental). All are new, but some may have very slight dishing (not affecting play) from long-term storage. All are legal reissues, not bootlegs, obtained many years ago through proper channels   Sound Clips are provided in the same order as listing. Inquire about availability, price, and mailing cost.


45 rpm rockabilly and rock 'n' roll reissues of Texas artists and labels  Seventeen (17) records. Most are reissues; several sides are 1970s re-creations. All are legal (no bootlegs), obtained many years ago through proper channels. Sound clips

 are provided of 25 sides (allow 27 minutes to hear them all), in same order as following listing: Sarg 145, Harmon Boazeman, "No Love In You"; Sarg 150, Cecil Moore, "Walkin' Fever"; Sarg 151  Jeff Stone, "Everybody Rock" (pressed with original 1950s label stock); Sarg 158, Al Urban, "Won't Tell You Her Name"; Sarg 160, Dick Fagan & The Scores, "Nothing Really Shakes Me"; Sarg 162, The Moods, "Little Alice"; Sarg 164, Glenn Bland, "When My Baby Passes By"; Sarg 165, Cecil Moore, "Moonshine"; Sarg 180, Chester McIntyre, "I'm Gonna Rock With My Baby Tonight" (pressed with original label stock); Sarg 192, Cecil Moore, "My Money's Gone"; Spade 1927, Vern Pullens, "Bop Crazy Baby"/"It's My Life" (great to-sider, using original style label wiith Houston address); Spade 11975, Vern Pullens, "Rock on Mabel" /''Long Gone" (1970s re-creation); Spade 21975, Vern Pullens, "Mama Don't Allow No Boppin'"/"You Don't Mean To Make Me Cry" (2d side is recreation); Spade 31975, Donald Simpson, "Save Me Your Love" /Carl Gillion, "Do Right Daddy" (2d side is re-creation); Spade 41975, Royce Porter, "A Woman Can Make You Blue" (great rockabilly)/Meredith Neal, "Gertrude"; TNT 141, Bill Massey with Jerry Dove & His String Busters, "Pink Bow Tie"; TNT 164, "One More Time" (Roy Head, vocal); TNT 172, Ray Liberto, "I Want You To Love Me Tonight"; TNT 1016, Johnny Olenn & The Jokers, "Sally Let Your Bangs Hang"; TNT 9029, Bill Morrison & His Band, "Set Me Free"; Bill Morrison & His Band, "Baby Be Good" (pressed from original masters, which failed after a very short run). Herlem 102, Garry Middleton, "Don't Be Shy"/"Pretty Please". Sold as a lot.  Inquire about availability, price, and shipping cost. Records in red are no longer available. Harlem 102 has been added.






v     LPs consisting of original jazz recordings of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. Actually, these are a series of lists of LPs on various labels, American and imported, most of which have been stashed away since the early 1970s. Specify your interests, so that I can send you lists of likely interest.


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