Old Records (especially 78 RPM) from L. R. Docks’ Shellac Shack

Records from 1900 – 1960 bought and sold: 78s, 45s and LPs. Jazz, Blues, Dance Bands, Country, Rockabilly, Rhythm & Blues, “pop”, celebrity, novelty, etc.

Text Box: What is a “78”?                                                

Records are sold

in response to specific want lists
by occasional (actually, infrequent) mail auctions
from sales lists of 1950s-style “rockers” and reissue LPs
in package deals for use on wind-up record players

Records are bought

mostly by mail, from properly prepared lists
occasionally by in-person purchase


 for would-be sellers of 78 rpm records: “Shellac Shack’s Want List of 78 RPM Records”
 for collectors of blues, country and popular 78s: reprints of original literature (1927-1951)
 for collectors of various styles of popular music: “American Premium Record Guide” by Les Docks

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